We build award-winning websites.
  • Who we are

    Interpersonal Frequency (I.F.) builds and supports award-winning Drupal websites for civic institutions. We provide data-driven development and design consulting, open-source cloud hosting solutions and deeply insightful custom analytics tools.

  • Why we're different

    I.F. believes in putting our clients at the center of our design process. Working with us means beginning with a Voice of Citizen (VOC) analysis - the cornerstone of our data-driven process. We use a sophisticated survey platform to query a statistically valid portion of your website users, then benchmark your users' satisfaction against an extensive database of similar online users. We combine this qualitative data about your users' needs with quantitative clickstream data (e.g. Google Analytics) to form a full picture of how your users interact with your site. This analysis allows us to immediately get to the heart of which aspects of your website are working well, and which need to be improved.

    We also often conduct In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) with key stakeholders to get a big picture view of the issues we need to tackle. These structured interviews are designed to obtain specific, actionable information about your goals for the new website. Coupled with your strategic plans, brand standards, and style guides, this amassed data informs and guides the planning and design process so your new website not only looks good, but is perfectly in tune with how you want your users to interact with it.

    Usability testing is performed in tandem with the stages above. By gauging user feedback directly, we can quickly course-correct to maximize ease of use and enhance the user experience. Conducting this testing prior to software development allows us to observe usability and resolve any issues in the design early on.

    We don't simply build a website and hand it off. Guided by the data we gather, we help you craft and design every aspect of the website and user experience so it's as useful as possible for both you and your end users.

  • How we work

    We take a modified agile approach to project management, and tackle projects with our four-step process::

    • Research, Analysis & Design
    • Development & Building
    • Training, Content Migration & Testing
    • Launch

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